The Ultimate Guide For Things To Do In Paramaribo

October 5th 2023 in Explore
The Ultimate Guide For Things To Do In Paramaribo

The Ultimate Guide For Things To Do In Paramaribo

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Paramaribo is the capital of Suriname, a country in the north of South America left untouched by tourism. One of the smallest capital cities in the world, adventuring here means getting to know the locals and culture. Here are the hidden gems and things to do in Paramaribo to make the most of your Suriname vacation.

Why Is Paramaribo Famous?

Paramaribo is mostly famous for its history, largely concerning Dutch colonisation in the 17th and 18th centuries. Because of this, lots of its architecture is influenced by Dutch trends and the official language is also Dutch. However, many locals also speak English so you shouldn’t have much trouble communicating.

Paramaribo’s history is most clear in the inner city where many of the original structures remain, as well as the distinctive character this creates. By just walking around you’ll see and feel the intriguing fusion of European and American influences.

Like the rest of Suriname, Paramaribo is also well-known for its abundance of natural resources.

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Hidden Gems And Things to Do In Paramaribo, Suriname

With so much cultural diversity, history and stunning nature, there are many hidden gems to Paramaribo to help fill your Suriname itinerary. Here are our recommendations for things to do in the Suriname capital.

Explore The Historic Inner City

It would be silly to not take the opportunity to walk around the unique inner city of Paramaribo. Safe to walk around throughout the day and night, you can choose whether you want an evening stroll or a refreshing morning walk.

Whilst the Victorian structures may not be unfamiliar to those well-travelled in the Caribbean, it’s the Dutch influence that really makes Paramibo a hidden gem. In fact, walking down different streets will transport you to different locations, from Europe to South America and more.

presidential palace in paramaribo

Along the way, ensure you take the top to stop off at some impressive landmarks. The Presidential Palace, Fort Zeelandia and the Cathedral of Saint Peter and Paul are particularly fascinating to behold.

Visit The Captivating Markets

Wondering around local markets is the best way to immerse yourself in the Suriname culture and people, and this is no different. Daily life is on show as you walk around the stalls, taking in the sights and smells of fresh food, authentic fabrics and more,

Fleamarkets will give you the best opportunity to uncover some Suriname crafts to take home with you, however, all will have dishes, herbs and colourful fruit for you to try.

The locals are known to be incredibly friendly, so strike up a conversation to truly learn about the people and get the best deals!

If you really want to uncover the capital of Suriname, then the markets are a must-have thing to do in Paramibo.

Suriname Is Unmatched In Natural Beauty

Suriname is the perfect vacation spot for those who love natural beauty, with well over 95 per cent of its landmass covered in forests.

Paramaribo coast

Even in its capital, you will never be far from greenery, home to plenty of wildlife. Whilst you can take tours through the jungles, there is much more natural beauty on offer than just the forests.

Within the capital of Suriname, you will find Independence Square, a lush green space in the city centre. A favourite spot among tourists and locals alike, there are hundreds of palm trees to laze under, climb or play games with the family.

And, you won’t be far from a stunning beach either, especially by renting or hiring a car in Suriname!

Paramaribo Nightlife Is The Ultimate Fun

Whilst you might not think it, the capital of Suriname has a vibrant and lively nightlife that’s well worth staying the night for.

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Independence Square is the place to be once the sun goes out. If you’re not much of a partier, then there are plenty of restaurants to try the mixing pot of cuisines available in Paramaribo.

However, if you’re ready to let your hair down, then bars, clubs and even karaoke bars come alive! The Paramaribo nightlife is the perfect opportunity to get your boogie on after taking in the history and culture of the city throughout the day.

Paramaribo has to be on your list of things to do when in Suriname. Make discovering this hidden gem even easier by renting a car with Finalrentals.