Suriname Explore: Suriname Rivier

May 10th 2023 in Explore
Suriname Explore: Suriname Rivier


Nieuw Amsterdam, Suriname

There is an old Dutch light vessel currently stranded in a dock near the entrance of the Suriname River.

Suriname used to be the only Dutch colony in South America, and its primary defence was Fort Nieuw-Amsterdam. This fort was close to Paramaribo, at the mouth of the Suriname River.

The Suriname-Rivier ship was built in 1911 and embarked on a 40-day journey across the Atlantic Ocean from Haarlem, Netherlands, to Fort Nieuw-Amsterdam. Although it did not have engines, it served as a light vessel to indicate the location of the Suriname River's mouth. Additionally, it was utilized as a base for coordinating naval traffic in the area. This 82-foot (25-meter-long) ship continued to operate until 1968 and was decommissioned in 1972.

In 1978, the ship was relocated to the Fort Nieuw-Amsterdam Open-Air Museum and is currently stationed in a wet dock within the fortress after its service ended. Unfortunately, the light vessel has been left neglected and is in disrepair. Nevertheless, initiatives are underway to secure funds for its restoration, hoping to bring the ship back to its original condition.