New Year in Suriname

January 18th 2024 in Explore
New Year in Suriname

New Year in Suriname

In Suriname, December is a particular time for many people as it marks the festive season and the end of the year. Thousands of Surinamese people living abroad return to their country to celebrate New Year's Eve with their loved ones. The government is filled with joy and excitement as families and friends celebrate this special occasion.

One of the most popular traditions on New Year's Eve in Suriname is the Pagara festival. This festival is held in the city centre of Paramaribo and is a time when people come together to light firecrackers and create a loud noise. The tradition of lighting firecrackers during Pagara started many years ago to scare away evil spirits and bring good luck for the New Year.

The Pagara festival has become one of the year's most anticipated events in Suriname. It started as a collaboration between shops and companies in the heart of Paramaribo that closed off the year together. Over time, it has become a major national event attracting people from all over the country. The festival reflects the vibrant and diverse culture of Suriname and is an excellent way for people to come together and celebrate the New Year in a fun and exciting way.

The preparation for New Year's Eve in Suriname starts in the first week of December and continues until the first of January. Numerous activities take place every day leading up to the celebration, including shows, concerts, and fireworks displays, which are popular among the citizens of Suriname. The New Year's Eve celebration is not just another fun-filled day but much more than that.

New Year's Eve Celebration in Suriname

New Year's Eve is a joyous occasion for the people of Suriname, as it is for many other countries. They celebrate with great pleasure, enthusiasm, and warmth, spending time with their families, friends, and relatives. The streets, houses, and commercial buildings are decorated with lights and other ornaments to welcome the new year. The country's traditions reflect the belief that this is a time to begin a fresh life and represents a moment of rejuvenation and renewal in almost every aspect of life.

The celebration of New Year's Eve in Suriname is a social event where people set aside time for their loved ones and meet new people. As the clock strikes midnight, the people of Suriname come out of their homes and gather with their families and friends to revel in the festive spirit and exchange wishes and greetings.

In Suriname, people can set off fireworks at home without requiring permission during the last week of December. The sound of fireworks can be heard almost every day in December, but the central bustle happens in the city centre at the end of the year. During the celebration, all businesses compete to see who can produce the most spectacular fireworks display.