Suriname Celebrations: The Festival of Colours in Suriname

March 1st 2023 in Explore
Suriname Celebrations: The Festival of Colours in Suriname

The Festival of Colours is a celebration that takes place every year in Suriname. This Hindu festival, which originated in India, is celebrated all over the world and is a popular event in Suriname, where a large population of Indian origin resides.

The Festival of Colours is typically held in March, on the day of the full moon. The festival marks the arrival of spring and the triumph of good over evil. It is a time to forgive and forget, to make new friends, and to celebrate the diversity of Suriname's cultural heritage.

The festival starts with a large parade, with participants dressed in bright and colorful clothing. Music and dancing fill the streets, as people move to the beat of the dholak, a traditional Indian drum. As the parade progresses, participants throw colored powder and water at each other, creating a spectacular display of color and joy.

The throwing of colored powder and water is one of the most significant aspects of the Festival of Colours. The powder, called gulal, is made from natural ingredients such as turmeric, beetroot, and henna. The water, called abeer, is often scented with flowers or herbs. Both the powder and water symbolize the colors of spring and the beauty of nature.

After the parade, the celebrations continue with traditional Indian food, music, and dancing. Sweets such as laddoos and gulab jamuns are a popular part of the festival, as are savory snacks like samosas and pakoras. The festivities usually continue late into the night, with fireworks marking the end of the celebrations.

The Festival of Colours is a time for people of all ages and backgrounds to come together and celebrate the richness of Suriname's cultural heritage. It is a joyous occasion that brings people together in a spirit of friendship and unity, and is a must-see event for anyone visiting Suriname during the month of March.