Explore: Exciting Things To Do In Moengo

October 6th 2023 in Explore
Explore: Exciting Things To Do In Moengo

Exciting Things To Do In Moengo

Suriname in the evening

Found in the Marowijne District, the town of Moengo has plenty of tourist attractions to entertain for a day or more in this beautiful part of the world. Discover Moengo and add it to your Suriname itinerary.

Found between the capital, Paramaribo and the border town of Albina, Moengo once was the capital of the region. Nowadays, Moengo is most famous for its bauxite export, something that brought considerable income into the country along with its rice and banana plantations.

Moengo is also proud of its sport, with two football teams and its art and culture.

Party In The Moengo Festival

A big attraction for the area is the Moengo Festival, held every year over three days since 2017.

Starting in 2013, 20,000 came to enjoy the festivities, proving just how popular the celebration has become. The festival showcases music, art, dance and Suriname culture. There is also a huge amount of Suriname food on offer to really immerse yourself in the culture.

Time your trip for when the festival is happening to enjoy the vibrant and lively celebrations and to see the best parts of Suriname.

Things To Do On Your Moengo Adventure

Suriname hut

Whether you’re travelling to Paramaribo or seeking out the more untouched areas of Suriname, here are all the things on offer in Moengo, Suriname.

Take a Hike Up Moengo Hill

If you aren’t too tired from all the dancing at the Moengo Festival then we hope you’ve packed your hiking boots!

A popular spot for tourists and locals alike, the hill is a great opportunity to take on a challenge and get a breathtaking result at the end. Once at the peak, you’ll get an unbeatable view of the town below as well as miles of rainforests. It’s a truly unique view and well worth the trek up the hill. Luckily, it isn’t actually too difficult a climb and should only take you an hour.

Galibi Nature Reserve

After two pretty active suggestions for your itinerary, let's recommend something a little more relaxing.

World famous for protecting hundreds of turtles, if you time your visit between February and August then you’ll get to see all the turtle eggs as well! Vibrant birds and other wildlife can also be seen, especially if you take a guided tour around the protected area.

For a more thorough view of the area, get a boat tour to head into the reserve to see even more amazing nature on offer. This really is a must thing to do in Moengo if you are a nature enthusiast.

Rosebel Gold Mine

Found near Moego is an open-pit gold mine, something incredibly important to Suriname’s history and export. Take a trip into the mines to learn all about the precious stone, its relevance to the South American country and even the tips and tricks to gold mining!

A great day out for the whole family, it also promises outstanding views of the surrounding rainforests.

Take A Trip To Nieuw Amsterdam

Suriname town

Not far from Moengo, but a trip made easier by hiring a car, is Nieuw Amsterdam. A small coastal town, the area boasts a huge amount of historical relevance, especially to its Dutch connections.

Explore the architecture in the town to fully embrace Suriname’s culture and witness some amazing buildings up close.

A true must if visiting the town is Forst Nieuw Amsterdam, an open-air museum with some of the oldest surviving Dutch structures. With some still standing from the 1700s, walking around will transport you to a former time.

Like much of the area, there is a huge amount of history to take in here. Learning about it makes for great conversation when speaking with the locals!

No matter what time of year you visit Moengo, there is something to do for the whole family. However, if you plan your visit for when the festival and turtle season are on, then there are even more special events to make your trip even more spectacular.

Make your trip to Moengo, Suriname even easier for the whole family by renting a car with Suriname.